18 Weeks

This week, BabyC is the size of a: papaya (25cm)
How far along? 18w3d
Due date: 21/11/12
Total weight gain/loss: Weighed today and I was 61.9kg (can’t remember start weight but it was 59 or 60?)
Maternity clothes? not yet
Sleep: is overpowering at times – getting up in the morning is a struggle when you do everything from home and have zero daytime commitments!
Best moment this week: I had my first Midwife Care Program visit today at Wodonga hospital. After a week or two of anxiety (having not ‘seen’ anyone since 12 weeks), I heard BabyC’s heartbeat – and kicking against the doppler (so funny)
Movement: flutters occasionally, and definitely heard kicks at my antenatal appointment 🙂
Food cravings: protein and sweets (today it’s traditional Turkish delight – thanks for putting it in my mind, Daniel!)
Symptoms: None really at the moment. I did throw up yesterday about noon for the first time in ages (I want milk, but the baby does not – dilemma!)
Labor Signs: not yet, too early
Stretch Marks? not yet
Swelling? not yet
Belly Button in or out? still in
Feeling toward Pregnancy: feeling more ‘pregnant’ and less ‘fat/bloated looking’
What I miss: Still really wanting a milkshake from Maccas or Wendy’s but can’t because they use soft serve ice cream in their shakes *sob* And there was one day I really could have done with ending  the evening with an alcoholic drink 😛
What I am looking forward to: being obviously pregnant to others
Milestones: hearing the baby kicking the doppler
News: Yep. Still a baby in there 🙂


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