How I use my Filofax: agenda

Last week I shared the general setup of my ‘new’ Filofax. I thought that this week I would share how I use my Filofax to track my appointments and daily to do lists.

In the past, I used a Kikki.K daily to do sticky note in conjunction with a monthly calendar. I would upload this to do list to Instagram on a(n almost) daily basis as a form of accountability.

One of the Kikki.K daily to do lists I uploaded to Instagram

I now use a day-per-page diary insert for tracking my daily to do lists. I don’t use the timed aspect of the page, but divide it as follows instead: at the top I write scheduled appointments (highlighted appropriately); from around the 11 o’clock mark, I write my daily to do list (when items are completed, I highlight them in yellow); in the ‘notes’ section I track my husband’s worked hours and pay.

Example daily diary page

I don’t prioritise my to do tasks – I have not found this method of ‘getting things done’ suits me. I know from looking at my to do list (and any scheduled appointments for the day) what needs doing the most and the order these tasks are completed is not so important as their being done by the end of the day.

On a (slightly) longer term, I have found the monthly view the best way for me to track appointments, due dates, and so on since I was a senior in high school (rather than yearly, which can be a little overwhelming for me). I would print out the current term/semester in months on A4 pages, tape them to my wall, and schedule myself appropriately. I would, occasionally, add a weekly planner page  to this system (but I usually abandon this layout quite quickly).

Since starting to use my Filofax regularly, I have continued using a monthly overview (two pages-per-month) to track important dates. I write just the skeleton of the scheduled tasks, as well as tracking my ‘pregnancy weeks’ (the purple numbers on Wednesdays) and the school term weeks for  Girl Guides(green numbers on Tuesdays). I use an Avery sticky tab to mark the current month and cross off each day in the morning.

June 2012 monthly overview

How do you track to do lists?
Do you integrate them into your planner/Filofax?

What is your preferred agenda layout?
Daily? Weekly? Monthly? A mix?

NB: Since I wrote my first Filofax post I have returned to Officeworks (in Albury) to try to buy more 50c Debden diary inserts. However, they are no longer available and are also unavailable online.


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