22 Weeks

This week, BabyC is the size of a:
How far along? 22w6d
Due date: 21/11/12
Total weight gain/loss: +6kg
Maternity clothes? yes-ish – I’ve divided my wardrobe into “my belly will keep fitting in this” and “not for very much longer” groupings
Sleep: happens, but not sure I’m getting ‘good’ sleep lately (feeling exhausted a lot of the time)
Best moment this week: Getting the all-clear for BabyC after we had a (really scary) car accident
Movement: Lots and often
Food cravings:protein and fresh salad… and sweets
Symptoms: getting hormonally emotional over the smallest things!
Labor Signs: not yet, too early
Stretch Marks? not yet
Swelling? not yet
Belly Button in or out? still in
Feeling toward Pregnancy: feeling more ‘pregnant’ and less ‘fat/bloated looking’
What I miss: being able to fit into some of my clothes
What I am looking forward to: really looking forward to meeting our little one (but do not want her to come earlier than she is ready!)
Milestones/News: 22 week antenatal appointments with doctor and midwives (and signed up to be ‘followed’ by a student midwife); having a car accident while pregnant (that’s news, right?)


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