Seeking #AcWri Motiviation: working outdoors

In an attempt to start working on the goals I set for myself for this month, I decided to trial reading outdoors in the sunshine.

I set myself up on a quilt in some dappled shade.

I managed to read my article in the allotted 1-1.5 hours and discovered some pros and cons of reading academic material outdoors:

PRO: It’s really pretty

PRO: This handsome fellow visited me a number of times

CON: This little lady decided to try napping on my  papers

CON: I kept getting cornered by green ants – and then one bit me!

Despite the scary green ants, I did succeed with my goal of finding reading motivation outdoors. I found the sunshine, fresh air, and new environment a nice change from my desk/couch.

Unfortunately Albury has turned off the sun for the next few days so I cannot repeat this #acwri adventure as soon as I would like to do so!


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