How I use my Filofax: goal tracking

In an effort to track the goals I set for myself this month, I printed a month-on-two-pages calendar insert from Philofaxy. I track my goal targets each day using coloured dot stickers and a monkey stamp.

Overview Week 3-9/9/12

  • Calm Birth practice 0/3
  • 1-2 hr of LitReview per day 1.5/7
  • Charlie (dog) walk 4.5/3
  • Wini walk 5.5/4
  • Antenatal fitness 1/1

So far, as you can see, I am on target for dog & Wini walking (thanks to continued Spring-like weather, yay!) and I’ve not yet skipped an antenatal fitness class (so proud of myself). I am, however, struggling with my LitReview daily target, but count any little bit I do towards it as an achievement (hence some of the half-circles). The plan is to make my LitReview my morning focus (generally after the ‘daily’ walk) and spend my afternoons ‘at’ work.

I have also managed to arrange for 1 of 4 library displays to go ahead. The second I need to book and numbers 3 and 4 are requiring the go ahead to be booked from other parties.

The nursery is still not set up (it requires a massive change around of two rooms in our house) but will likely start taking shape this weekend and be completed during the last weekend of September (we have our baby shower and a short trip planned for the intervening weekend).

Practicing my ‘Calm Birth’ techniques was added at the start of this week (8/9/12), to make sure I am continuing to not only physically but mentally prepare myself for the birth of BabyGirlC.

Pretty sure my next step should be looking at how to reward myself for ‘achieved’ goals (or a whole week of achieving goals).

How do you track your goals?
How do you reward yourself for completed goals?


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