Peer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What program are you enrolled in?
I am enrolled in the ANU’s fully online Master of Arts (Art History and Curatorship Program).

What are you researching for your Master of Arts thesis?
The working title (and overview of my research topic and interests) is as follows:
Engaging with the Gallery Visitors of the Future – Building relationships with the gallery visitors of the future by encouraging positive gallery experiences for child visitors today: a comparison of children’s programs provided by the NGV and NGA.

I saw you are doing your MA in art history online, where are you doing it through!? I’ve been looking for a program because frankly I can’t afford to leave my job and life to go to a campus for a year. Is it a good program? Do you recommend it? Sorry to be a bother, I just got very excited to see MA and ONLINE in the same sentence. Thanks!arthistorycq
There are pros and cons to learning online. Words on my Postgrad experiences discusses the major con of isolation, whilst Learning Online via the ANU: experiences and strategies gives a broader account of my experiences.


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