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#filofax 365/30 5 & 6 + 7 & 8 September 2012

Here are days 5-8 of 365/30 September:

5 & 6 – looking at my bad habits should be in my monthly goals…

7 & 8 – not very long lists


#filofax 365/30 3 & 4 September 2012

I have added to my ‘Where in the world do I want to visit?’ list constantly since I first wrote it. And my ‘Reasons to start…’ list was inspired by my monthly goals set on the first day of this challenge.

#filofax 365/30 days 3 & 4

#filofax 365/30 1 & 2 September 2012

Whoops, didn’t mean to go AWOL for so long! I started a new part-time job right at the start of August and I’m just getting back into a routine that allows for all most aspects of my life to get some attention.

I have decided to plunge further into the online Filofax realm by participating in the ‘#Filofax 365/30’ challenge: “It follows the 30 days of lists idea. On the last day or first of every month there will be a new set of lists for the whole month published, either in a document in the Facebook group or on a blog post on the person who is hosting it’s blog, it depends how they want to do it. There will be a notification on the Facebook wall.”

I made up some pages for my Filofax from Philofaxy templates (comment if you’d like me to send you a copy – in personal size only).

The monthly overview for 365/30 September

Lists from 1st & 2nd September

I will try to upload photos of my lists every couple of days (mainly due to the layout in my Filofax making this the easiest option!) as a way of getting back into blogging more regularly.