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Gallery Visitors of the Future

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I realised I hadn’t posted my MA thesis topic anywhere on my blog. Basically, my thesis will combine two of my major interests: curatorship / public programming in galleries and child development / learning. Right now, the topic is as follows:

Engaging with the Gallery Visitors of the Future
Building relationships with the gallery visitors of the future by encouraging positive gallery experiences for child visitors today: a comparison of children’s programs provided by the National Galleries of Australia and Victoria.

Do you think this is a topic worthy of investigation?

What experiences do you remember of art galleries as a child? Have these past experiences impacted on your visits today?

How do you feel visiting galleries (as an adult) at the same time as groups of children or parents?

Do you take your children to galleries?
What do you think they gain from the experience?


ANU Off-Campus Library Service

One of the best reasons for being an ‘off-campus’ student attending ANU is the Off-Campus Library Service* which borrows and then posts my books from any of the ANU libraries! Any package marked “The Library” must mean it’s a good package 🙂

Me and my latest arrival: Tony Bennet’s The Birth of the Museum

* Eligibility requirements must be met and you must register for the service; free postage from the libraries to you, but you have to pay for return postage (thank goodness I visit ANU within my six month borrowing period); includes physical copies of library items, as well as chapter and article copies.